Connie Fairfax, she had it all, smart, beautiful, at the end of a very successful college career. Then she meets the wrong guy. In the midst of it all Nate Ford enters her life at the worst possible time. Her dreams crushed, her faith shattered. Connie returns home searching for redemption. Nate searches for Connie, but military service is calling him. Connie will be forced to face her past. Will she find redemption, will her faith be restore before she hits Rock Bottom.

Four women, Four challenges, Four choices.

Sybil, will she answer God’s call, stand up to those who ridicule or stay in her secure world?
Hope, she was rescued off the streets. When given the opportunity, will she forgive or will she have her revenge?
Olivia, she has lost her family, rejected by her church, alone she starts down a path to nowhere, will she be able to turn her life around forgive and move forward?
Samara, is in a living hell on earth, will she find the courage to walk through the door that God has opened for her?
Will they choose to go the way of the world or will they chose to be Daughters of Grace?