I believe in the written word. Words have the ability to carry us to new worlds. Word can touch emotions, word can make us laugh, make us cry, break our hearts and heal our hearts. I discovered this about words growing up. I was an avid reader and found that words could carry me anywhere the author led.
I was ten years of age when I decided I wanted to write. So, I gathered up my pencil and notebook paper and started writing. However, when I read what I had so happily written it sounded so much like a script from Little House on the Prairie I tabled by ambition to write.
I am well into my 60's now, instead of pencil and notebook paper, I use a keyboard to write with. I have long since left my Little House on the Prairie Days behind  and strive to write stories that will help or bless whoever reads them.
I have shared God's word and given testimony from my life experiences at several women's conference;
First Baptist Church.......  Ingram, Texas
Cowboy Camp Meeting...Hunt, Texas
First Baptist Church......   Junction, Texas 
First Baptist Church......   Junction, Texas
First Baptist Church....     Junction, Texas
Wilshire Park Baptist Church....Midland, Texas
I would love to come and  share what I have learned through my life experiences with others. If you would like to speak with me about speaking at your next event
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I will be back in touch as soon as possible.